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Series A.1 Debt Financing

Date : 23 Feb 2019

The company “S Labs Solutions”, to raise capital for Research & Development for the first phase of expansion mentioned at , will issue 10 shares at the value of Rs. 50000 (Fifty thousand) each.

The said shares will attract an interest of 4% per annum, which will be paid as interest at the end of financial year on 31st December.

The said shares are issued as part of debt financing, the company reserves the right to buyback the share at the issued price along with the interest payable from the date of issue of share or beginning of financial year, whichever is lowest.

The said shares to be considered as loan provided to the company. The shares do not provide voting rights or equity in the company for the shareholder.

S Labs Solutions,

R.S No-99/2+3/1A, Dumvada,

Kuruvinakoppa grama, TQ-Kalgatgi,Dist-Dharawada,

Karnataka, PIN 580114 India